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webSignatureOffice is a completely web-based signature solution with which you can sign read-only PDF/A documents online. Different people can sign online at different locations and with different signature capture devices or even completely without additional hardware. This facilitates the signature workflow enormously. In addition to the immediate use of this online signature service, you can also create your own signature servers for you.


aSignatureOffice/ iSignatureOffice are the APP-clients of our web service solution "webSignatureOffice" and allow you to fill out and sign read-only PDF/A documents online and offline from mobile Tablets and Smartphones (iOS and Android). The free signature apps access the webSignatureOffice server and can be integrated into any web-based solution. When signing on the Tablet and Smartphone, your electronic signature is captured by the free signature apps. This process not only stores the signature image but also the biometric data in the best possible quality. An account with webSignatureOffice is required to use aSignatureOffice/ iSignatureOffice.

Release Notes

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