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Hardware Plattform

Update to Firmware5.03E.1.2020
Supported Firmware Versionsany older Version of naturaSign Pad Mobile (if you have the naturaSign Pad Economy, you can get the Updater here)


  • download the Firmware Updater
  • if the device has Firmware 3.x or 4.x, you need to start the Update_from_Firmware_3or4.bat
  • if the device already has Firmware Version 5, you need to start the Update_from_Firmware_5.bat
  • after the Update there should be the message that Update was successful and the Pad will show Firmware 5.03E in the bootscreen

In case of Problems: 

  • in case the update fails, try to repeat the update
  • if the pad is without firmware (display stays black and the LED blinks green), you need to run MobileBl.bat
Additional informationThis firmware version supports our 4096 Bit RSA encryption.
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