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If the LED does not show any light at all, this can be due to various reasons:

  1. No contact to the computer possible: please check carefully, if the USB-cable has been plugged in correctly and fits in snuggly on the pad side as well as the computer side. If so, please test the device with another USB-cable, if possible also on another USB-port or even with another computer. If possible, please use only the default cables delivered by us or high-quality alternative products with good isolation, which are as short as possible and directly connected to the computer instead of making a detour over an USB-hub, for example.

  2. No power: In case you are using an USB-hub, please make sure, it has its own power supply (also called self-powered hub or active hub) and that this power supply is also working as it should. 

  3. Defect circuit board: Either the USB-port or another part inside the device could be damaged. Please try disconnecting the device and replugging it in. If the problem persists, you have to send the device to us for repairs. Please use the following link:
    But please be aware, that a defective circuit board outside of the warranty period is normally considered to be a total loss.




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