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If you want to validate a StepOver signature in Adobe Reader/Acrobat you would normally see that the identity of the signer is unknown. This is because a "self-signed" certificate is used for the signature, which is not trusted by Adobe Reader/ Acrobat by default. To change that, you have to install the appropriate Root-Certificate.

Therer are 2 certificates:

  1. The StepOver GmbH Root CA (SORootCAProductive.cer) is necessary for all signature where the Hash-Dialog is enabled.
  2. The StepOver GmbH Software Root (SOSoftwareRoot.cer) is for necessary when the Hash-Dialog is disabled.


Installer for the certificates

The setups of SignAPI, SimpleSigner or eSignatureOffice have an option to install all StepOver certificates to the windows cert store and to set an option inside Adobe to trust the windows cert store. We also offer a small setup for this certificates installation only: 


manual Installation Guidelines for Adobe Reader / Acrobat


Download certificate here:

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