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The pad settings string used by getpadSettings, setPadSettings, startCapture, configurePad and other functions contains the settings of the signature device. It looks like a human-readable string:

000000000000000001blueMPad / bluePad


000000000000000001HID: StepOver GmbH naturaSign Colour (22C9/0601/0000/123456797)

The first 15 chars contains the pad ID in case of a +Pad or LE Pad. In case of a bluePad or blueMPad they are set to zero. The char 16-18 contains the number of the comPort. At the end of the string is the written name of the pad type. You may store that string in a secure way in your application to use that settings next time.

For HID signature devices beginning of PadSettings string is always "000000000000000001HID:" followed by signature device name and its parameters (VID/PID/Usage/Serial).

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