The biodata string returned from getBiodataString or decompressBiodata is looking like that:


x and y are the coordinates of a cartesian coordinate system having its origin in the upper left corner. z is the pressure data (0-1024). F=FrameNumber is the value from a counter in the pad and gets incremented with every Frame (the Framerate is 500 per second). L=LineNumber is a counter which stays the same as long as the pen is on the pad and is incremented whenever a new line is started. At the end of the whole biodata string you may find the following:

...t3936p85-0-196-62-25g23:2:43 2.2.2d0-0-4095-3099-1095-1095s4n-$r-$c77.571.297.623$t08.09.2014 09:30:44$l

The chars after p represents the process ID. The process ID is not the same as the pad ID, but bounded to it so that no other StepOver pad may generate the same process ID. The process ID is unique and changes with each signature. You can, for example, use it as identification for a document in your workflow. The process ID is only available at the +Pad an LE Pad. The numbers after the letter g represents the GMT timestamp of the internal clock of the +Pad (Format: (H)H:(M)M:(S)S (d)d.(m)m.(y)y ). If you use a pad who is not cabable of the features process ID and or timestamp you will get zeros after p an g.d are 6 numbers separated with a dash '-'. s is the page number inside the pdf document where the signature is done. n defines the name of the person who's signing. $r defines the reason for which to sign. $c defines the Rectangle in PDF-coordinates where the signature is done inside the PDF-document. $t defines the time and date of the signature embedding in the document. $l defines the location.


tagpossible valuesdescription



0 ... 65535position of pen onb the touch pad

0 ... 1023

32768 .. 65535 (only EM-Pen)

pressure, 0=data frame is not used

>=32768 EM-Pen, hovering above the em-pad

f0 ... 255frame number from Pad
l0 ... 65535line number
t0 ... 65535

Time code

p0-0-0-0-0Process-ID,5 numbers separated with '-'
g0:0:0 0.0.0GMT timestamp of the internal clock of the Pad (Format: (H)H:(M)M:(S)S (d)d.(m)m.(y)y )

Pad Dimension

SensorSize Min X, Min Y, Max X, Max Y, DPI Horizontal, Vertikal

s0 ... 65535

page number of the PDF where the signature is done (inserted from eSO), first page is 1, seconde page ois 2

0 is only used when no page informastion is present

n'-' , <NAME>Name of the person which signed. '-' = no person defined (inserted from eSO)
$r'-', <REASON>Reason of the signature. '-' = no reason defined (inserted from eSO)
$c0.0.0.0, <Left>.<Top>.<Right>.<Bottom>Rectangle of signature in PDF-coordinates (inserted from eSO)
$t<day>.<month>.<year> <hour>:<minute>:<seconds>Date/Time of embedding the signature in PDF document. day,month,hour,minute,seconds always 2 chars, year always 4 chars (inserted from eSO)
$l'', <Location>Location, empty string if not defined (inserted from eSO)
b Pad 255 ?


Note:  There is a known Firmware issue with the line number, which is not correctly resetting the value between 2 signatures. The first signature after device restart starts with Line number 0, but the following signatures starts with the line number of the last signature. Best solution is to ignore this values until first 0 comes.

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