General information

There's no absolutely reliable software and Device Driver is not an exception, although we make every effort to build it as stable as possible. If you encounter a problem or error message, please contact StepOver support department. Information on this page can help in solving the problem.

Log file creation

Ability to create log file is built-in to sopad.dll and StepOverSignatureDevice1.ocx. This functionality should only be activated in case of problems, it's not intended to be used in production environment. In some cases activated logging can reduce software performance.

To activate logging create a text file with name sopad_log.ini and place it to a folder with sopad.dll. The file should have the content as shown below. Make sure that folder indicated in FileName entry exists.


After ini file is created run your application until the problem occurs and send sopad.log file to StepOver.

Sample of SOPad_log.ini


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