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Driver is available not only as a DLL but as ActiveX control as well. In addition to the set of functions available in SOPad.dll the ActiveX control provides other functionality such as automated real-time signature preview.


Name of the interfaceGUIDComment
StepOverSignatureDevice1B23ECB86-5295-4DA7-BCBC-E564AB5A7334StepOverSignatureDevice1 Type library
coclass StepOverSignatureDeviceF5C74079-C195-4DA9-B60D-F6F5365042D1StepOverSignatureDevice Controll
IStepOverSignatureDevice1899784F-C6D5-4D86-869E-21EBC9D1882CDispatch-Interface for StepOverSignatureDevice Controll
IStepOverSignatureDeviceEvents2189C0EF-7D1C-4349-B5C2-FF8CF7FD70B0Event interface for StepOverSignatureDevice Controll



Registry Entries

Registry values in the following registry keys control aspects of the functionality of COM:



• HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion


As of Windows Server 2003, COM uses only the current process token to decide which registry hive to access, not the thread token. If COM is not able to access the user profile registry hive, it will access the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System hive.


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