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function CreateSignatureRectangle(X, Y, Width, Height, Color: Integer): Boolean;


SOPAD_API BOOL SOPAD_CreateSignatureRectangle(int X, int Y, int Width, int Height, int Color);


HRESULT CreateSignatureRectangle([in] long x, [in] long y, [in] long Width, [in] long Height, [in] long Color, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* Result);


Function uses HID_CMD_CREATE_SIGNATURE_RECTANGLE command to define signature field bounds for naturaSign Colour devices.

if x,y,width and height is 0 then the maximum possible Signature Rectangle is used.

Color is a 32 Bit integer in RGB Format:

Bit 31-24 always 0

Bit 23-16 Red Value 0 - 255

Bit 15-08 Green Value 0 - 255

Bit 07-00 Blue Value 0 - 255


x and y

Position of top-left corner of signature rectangle (starting at 0/0). If you using this function with the SignInDoc function of the Colour Devices the X/Y counts for the uploaded signing background image. Here is a sample how its working with SignInDoc, if you upload the following image and you want to set the Signing Area inside the red rectangle you would need to set X=145, Y=165, W= 400 and H=270.

Width and Height

Size of signature field area


Color of signature rectangle


//  Prepared SignBackground with an red rectangle
Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(SignInDoc.jpg);
//  Sign Rectangle based on the SignBackground Image
SigDev.CreateSignatureRectangle(145, 165, 400, 270, 0);
//  Set Page Number
SigDev.SetDriverString(4, "1/2");
//  Upload image for SignInDoc and start signing
int res = SigDev.LCDImageExR(4, 0, 0, (int)bmp.GetHbitmap());
SigDev.startCapture("", false, false, false, false, ref padSetting);



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