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Some features of the driver can be controlled by setting driver options. Each option is represented by a single bit, thus several options can be combined using binary OR operator. Options should be set with the help of function SetDriverOptions or SetDriverLong (keys 0 and 1).

If you set or clear an option make sure to call GetDriverLong (keys 0 and 1) to get current options, then use binary operations to set or clear appropriate bit.

Please note to set the Options before the call of startCapture !

Valid option values

ValueNamed constantDescription
0x00000001DRIVER_OPTION1_FAST_SEARCH_PROLIFIC_ON_OPENObsolete. Search for configured device on all USB prolific adapters on startCapture and checkConnectedPad functions.

Don't check if a pad is connected to the configured port and don't search for the pad on another ports at the beginning of startCapture. Without this check startCapture is executed a bit faster.

0x00000004DRIVER_OPTION1_DISABLE_PADID_MESSAGEBOXDisables notification message box after retrieving pad id with the help of 5-sec. pad button press.
0x00000008DRIVER_OPTION1_DISABLE_LCD_PEN_DRAWINGDisables drawing of lines on LCD while user moves the pen over the sensor.
0x00000010DRIVER_OPTION1_TRANSPARENT_DRAW_MODETruns transparent drawing of bitmaps on
0x00000020DRIVER_OPTION1_BLIND_SEARCH_IN_CHECKPADDon't show device search dialog in checkConnectedPad
0x00000040DRIVER_OPTION1_FRAME_FILTER_OFFTruns frame filter off
0x00000080DRIVER_OPTION1_ENABLE_EMULATIONEnables emulation of naturaSign V3 for older devices
0x00000100DRIVER_OPTION1_DISABLE_PREVIEWDisables automated computation of signature preview image
0x00000200DRIVER_OPTION1_WAIT_FINAL_IMAGEReadHighResBitmap waits until final image is received completely
0x00000880DRIVER_OPTION1_DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_EMULATION_FOR_NEW_DEVICEEnables emulation for all StepOver Devices, this disables the Hash-Confirm Dialog on the Devices after signing.
0x00001000DRIVER_OPTION1_DISABLE_CP_BACKGROUND_IMAGEDon't download background image, don't do alpha-blending for ColourPad.


Stretch signature to fill whole signature image, keeping dimensions of the image intact. Either stretch or crop may be activated at a time. If both options are set, stretch has higher priority.
0x00010000DRIVER_OPTION1_CROP_SIGNATURECrop white borders around signature, making signature image smaller. Either stretch or crop may be activated at a time. If both options are set, stretch has higher priority.


use a new SOI header which respects the pad orientation (Potrait or landscape)
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