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The Signature Device Driver also has registry values which can be used to configure the device handling.


NameRegistry PathTyp and ValuesDescriptions
Allowed device types[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\StepOver\driver]
"Allowed device types"="naturaSign, Wintab, TabletPC"


"naturaSign" = StepOver Pads

"Wintab" = Wintab-Devices

"TabletPC" = Windows TabletPC´s

Option to set which DeviceTypes should be allowed


1 = Suppress Upload

0 = Upload Active (default behavior)

Option to suppress the Upload of the SignInfo Foreground images by Colour Devices. This image ussually contains the message to sign in multiple languages. By default the Signature Device Driver always uploads the default image by the first signature.
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