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procedure SetSignImage(Assign: Boolean; Image: LCDImageArray);


SOPAD_API void SOPAD_setSignImage(int bAssign, const void* pImage);


HRESULT SetSignImage([in] VARIANT_BOOL Assign, [in] VARIANT Image);


It's possible to display custom image (for example, part of the document) on the pad's LCD during signing. This function allows to define custom image. Image will be actually drawn on the call of startRead function.

NOTE: This function only works with signature pads with B/W display. For Signature Pads with colour display please see LCDImage or LCDImageEx, LCDImageExR



Pass a non-zero value if image should be displayed.


Single-dimensional array, containing byte values. Array size should be at least 320 * 240 / 8 = 9600 bytes.

Array should have the following format:
Each bit represents one pixel, bit value = 1 means that pixel should be lit, thus one byte determines eight pixels state. The first byte of array corresponds to pixels (0, 0), (1, 0), ... (7, 0). In a byte bit 0 determines the leftmost pixel, bit 7 — the rightmost. The topmost line of image is coded by bytes 0..39, the second — by bytes 40..79, etc.

See also

LCD_IMAGE_SIZE (SOPAD_LCD_IMAGE_SIZE) constant contains the size (in bytes) of the array required to save the whole LCD image.

LCDImageArray (SOPAD_LCDImageArray) type may be used for array declaration.

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