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The duraSign pad Brilliance and the duraSign pad 10.0 offer the option to use custom dialogs. This feature requires at least firmware 7.x on the devices, so if your device has a lower firmware version, you need to update it first. You can read the version number in the lower right corner of your device display after it has started. The DeviceAPI should be 6.x or higher.


With the SimpleDialog Mode you can create interactive elements, like buttons, checkboxes or radio-buttons. Even a drop-down list or a text-box with a virtual keyboard is possible. The SimpleDialog Mode has basically 2 main functions:

  • You can upload and display resources like images or text. These resources can be drawn directly on the screen or they can be written into the shadow buffer, to update multiple elements at the same time on the device.
  • You can collect pen events from the device. Each event contains information about being either a pen-press or a pen-release event as well as the coordinates of the pen when it was pressed or released.

With these 2 functions you can create elements like buttons. You only need to know at which position the button is to be placed. When a pen event is triggered, you will need to check if the coordinates match with the area of your button. If yes you can continue with your dialog. The upload/update of smaller resources is fast enough to visualize a pressed button on the screen. 

DeviceAPI functions

Right now there are 4 specific DeviceAPI functions for the SimpleDialog. 

Function NameInformation

This function allows you to clear and update the display. The device has a frame buffer, which contains the display content and a shadow buffer which can contain different content. The SetSimpleDialogDisplayOption allows you

to load a prepared screen which is inside the shadow buffer into the frame buffer in order to update the whole screen instantly.

SetSimpleDialogResourceImageThis functions allows you to display images on the device at a specified position. The image can either be uploaded or it can be an image, which is already on the file system of the device.
SetSimpleDialogResourceTextThis function allows you to display a text on the display at a specified position. The function also has parameters for the font colour and the font background colour.
SetSimpleDialogResourceFontThis function allows you to define the font resource which will be used for the SetSimpleDialogResourceText.

Pen Event

This event returns the coordinates of the press and release events from the pen. The event is only returned when the pad is in the SimpleDialog Mode and it does not return coordinates of the signature. The event can be used to realize clickable elements like buttons, checkboxes, radiobuttons and dropboxes. 



C#Demo integration with different dialogs to input data (incl. virtual keyboard)

C#Simple sample about how to use the dialog functions.

DelphiSimple sample about how to use the dialog functions.



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