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HRESULT savePic([in, out] BSTR* pic, [in] BSTR ext, [in] VARIANT_BOOL withBG, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* Value);


Use this function to save the picture of the signature (without the background picture if set) to a file specified in pic. You may set the filname to *.bmp or *.jpg. There are Options to enable cropping and stretching of the signature image, they have to be set before startCatpure, see Driver Options

Important: call this before you call stopRead. StopRead is deleting the picture of the last signature.



File name to save signature image to. May be either *.bmp or *.jpg

If you write "instr" into the variable ext you will get the bitmap back in the variable pic as a string. The picture will not be saved to a file in that case.


Provides extra parameters to the function. Parameters are joined together into a single continuous string.

instrSignature is saved to string and returned in pic argument. Must be the first extra parameter, placed in the beginning of ext string.
stretchScales signature up to the size of signature field.
-<Xresolution>x<Yresolution>Overrides signature field size.
base64When image is saved to string (instr), saves image as base-64 encoded string.

Example of ext parameter string: "stretch-1024x768"


Reserved for future use.

Return value

Function returns true on success, false on failure.



//	If the signaturimage should be cropped, you need to set the following option before startCapture 
const int DRIVER_OPTION1_CROP_SIGNATURE = 0x00010000; 
SigDev.SetDriverLong(0, SigDev.GetDriverLong(0) | DRIVER_OPTION1_CROP_SIGNATURE); 
//	Save Image with Size of 300x200, in case you enabled cropping the resolution depends of the signature
string path = @"c:\temp\signature.bmp";
SigDev.savePic(ref path, "stretch-300x200", true);
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