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Delphi (DLL)

function startCapture(Certificate: ShortString; CheckPad, AutostartSearching, showConnectionWinIfAutostart, ReadAndSaveInRegistry: Boolean; var Padsettings: ShortString): Boolean;

C/C++ (DLL)

SOPAD_API BOOL SOPAD_startCapture(const char* szCertificate, BOOL bCheckPad, BOOL bAutostartSearching, BOOL bShowConnectionWinIfAutostart, BOOL bReadAndSaveInRegistry, char szPadSettings[SOPAD_MAX_STRING_LENGTH]);


HRESULT startCapture([in] BSTR Certificate, [in] VARIANT_BOOL CheckPad, [in] VARIANT_BOOL AutostartSerching, [in] VARIANT_BOOL showConnectionWinIfAutostart, [in] VARIANT_BOOL ReadAndSaveInRegistry, [in, out] BSTR* Padsettings, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* Value);


Startcapture replaces setPadSettings and startRead (Both functions are still available for backward compatibility).



contains the certificate that has formerly been given to setPadsetting. Currently it is obsolete, replaced by XML certificate.


If set to true startCapture checks if the configured signature device is available to prevent crashining if the configured device is not connected (This may take a few aditional seconds). If a Wintab device or a Tablet PC is used as signature device the check always succeeds because most wintab devices don't support a check if the hardware is physically connected.


If set to true startCapture starts automatically to search for another signature device if the configured signature device is not found (only possibile if CheckPad is set to true) or if no signature device has been configured at all.

showConnectionWinIfAutostart obsolete

If set to true the user will see the dialog "Please connect your Signatur device now" from the driver window before it starts to search a new signature device.


If set to true startCapture reads device setting from the registry and save new padsettings to registry if it was neccessary to search for a new signature device. If no configuration is stored in registry it will use the configuration from Padsettings if given.


Contains the PadSettings string as formerly given to setPadsettings. If it is necessary to search for a new pad startCapture returns the new settings in this variable (also if ReadAndSaveInRegistry is set to true). If ReadAndSaveInRegistry is set to true you can always handle an empty string to padsettings. If you using an empty Padsettings Value, startCapture function will show the Padsearch Dialog. If you doesn´t want this Padsearch Dialog you should run the Pad search first, for example with checkConnectedPad or EnumeratePadsFirst and Next functions.

Return value

startCapture returns True if it was possible to start the signature capturing with a signature device. If signing hasn't been started, function returns false and set extended error code which can be read with the help of  GetSOPadError call.

Possible error codes are listed below:


See also


Driver error codes


// Start signing
string padSettings = "";
string cert = ""; 	//	this value is obsolete
bool checkPad = true;
bool autostartSearching = true;
bool showConnectionWinIfAutostart = true;
bool readAndSaveInRegistry = false;

Capturing = SigDev.startCapture(cert, checkPad, autostartSearching, showConnectionWinIfAutostart, readAndSaveInRegistry, ref padSettings);
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