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4.1 connecting SignAPI with the DeviceAPI

It is essential to link the signAPi with the DeviceApi. This step should be placed in your init method.

4.1.1 DLL variant

just call the function InitDeviceDLL

4.1.2 OCX variant

assume your signApi and DeviceApi instances are called  axSignAPIv4 and axSigDev

axSignAPIv4.SignatureDevice = (IStepOverSignatureDevice)axSigDev.GetOcx();


The methods listed below are declared in Pascal/Delphi but they are OLE and COM conform.

The type Widestring is compatible to the COM-Type BSTR and represents a dynamically assigned number of 16-BIT Unicode Chars. It's size is up to 2GB.

Wordbool is a 2 byte variable which is true then it has a non-zero value.
Integer is compatible to the COM-Type long and represents a signed 32Bit type.


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