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procedure GetSigData(SigNum: Integer; var Name, Reason, GMTStamp, SysTime: PAnsiChar; var PageNum, x1, y1, x2, y2: Integer); stdcall;


HRESULT _stdcall GetSigData([in] long SigNum, [in, out] BSTR* Name, [in, out] BSTR* Reason, [in, out] BSTR* GMTStamp, [in, out] BSTR* SysTime, [in, out] long* PageNum, [in, out] long* x1, [in, out] long* y1, [in, out] long* x2, [in, out] long* y2);


This function returns the data saved with the signature.


SigNumThis is the number of the signature from which you want to get the data.
NameThis is the name of the signer.
ReasonThe reason for signing.
GMTStampThis is the timestamp for GMT timezone (only available if the signature was captured with a pad with internal clock, e.g. Colour, Brilliance).
sysTimeThis is the computer system time for the moment, in which the signature was added to the document.
PageNumThis is the page on which the signature was added.
X1, Y1, X2, Y2These are the coordinates of a rectangle surrounding the signature on the page.

Due to security reasons, you will of course get NO biodata from the signature!


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