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function SetCorpLic(const corpLic: PAnsiChar): LongBool; stdcall;


HRESULT _stdcall SetCorpLic([in] BSTR CorpLic, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* Value);



By using this method, you can set your corporate licence.

A corporate licence will normally be given to users, if they use 1000 or more licences of the API in their company. Otherwise you will get a product code to use the API.

If you use the API with a product code or as demoversion you don't have to call this method.

The result will be True if your corpCode has been accepted. If the result is False, the API will only work in demo mode, which means that there will be a sentence like "StepOver Software Demoversion" added to each document you sign. 



If you have a corpCode, make sure to call this method before you call LoadDoc for the first time!




Corp licence you got from StepOver

Note: you can use  the string "noreg" to suppress the Registration dialog. But the SignAPI will still work in demo mode.

If you using incorrect corpCode, the function ignores it.


Return value

SetCorpLic returns True if the correct license was provided, otherwise it returns False. 


C# sample

// set Company License
bool value = SignAPIv4.SetCorpLic("....");




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