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function SetLcdButtonOptions(Button,Mode, Enabled,Visible,  Color: Integer ) :integer; stdcall;


int __stdcall SOPAD_function SetLcdButtonOptions(Button,Mode, Enabled,Visible,  Color: Integer ) ;


HRESULT _stdcall SetLCDButtonOptions([in] long ButtonCode, [in] long ComponentID, [in] long Enabled, [in] long Visible, [in] long Color, [out, retval] long * RetVal );


The SetLcdButtonOptions function allows to enable predefined buttons for different pad modes. The buttons are only part of the Firmware of the colour devices, the B/W devices does not support this option. 

Reference to button event handling: OnDeviceButton, OnDeviceButtonEx



    the button ID  ( more info)  

Button codedescriptionDeviceSupportmode=0mode=5mode=6
HID_CMD_BUTTON_ZOOM_P         =200Zoom into PageColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Pad-yes-
HID_CMD_BUTTON_ZOOM_M         =201Zoom out of PageColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Pad-yes-
HID_CMD_BUTTON_NEXT           =202Next Page or SignatureColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Padyesyesyes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_PREV           =203Previous Page or SignatureColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Padyesyesyes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_START_SIGN     =204Start Sign from PadColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Pad-yes-
HID_CMD_BUTTON_ROTATE         =205Rotate Display (left / right hand mode)ColourPad, Flawless, Comfort, Brilliance, 10" Padyesyesyes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_OK             =206Confirm the SignatureBrilliance, 10" Padyes-yes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_REPEAT         =207Repeat the SignatureBrilliance, 10" Padyes-yes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_CANCEL         =208Cancel the SignatureBrilliance, 10" Padyes-yes
HID_CMD_BUTTON_ROTATE90      =209landscape or portrait mode ( GEN 13 PAD)10" Padyesyesyes




0:  default signature mode

5: Document view mode

6: sign in document mode


0:  disable

1: enable


0 :  not visible

1: visible


BGR color of the button, 32 Bit (TColor type in Delphi):

Bit 31 - 24 : 00h (all zero)

Bit 23 - 16 : Intensity of Blue

Bit 15 - 08 : Intensity of Green

Bit 07 - 00 : Intensity of Red

The value 00FF0000h represents full-intensity, pure blue.

The value 0000FF00h is full intensity pure green.

The value 000000FFh is pure red.

The value 00000000h is black.

The value 00FFFFFFh is white.


The default used color values are:

    Blue      = 00FF0000h

    Green   = 00369000h

    Yellow   = 0038CCF0h

    Red      = 001A00E2h

    White   = 00FFFFFFh

    Grey    = 00B5B5B5h

Return value

const  SOPAD_ERROR_SUCCESS     = (0);

 const  SOPAD_ERROR_FNC_FAILURE     = (12);    // may be because ther is no signature device initialized

 const  SOPAD_ERROR_FNC_NOTSUPORTED = (13);  //not suported for this signature device



SigDev.OnDeviceButton += new AxStepOverSignatureDevice1.IStepOverSignatureDeviceEvents_OnDeviceButtonEventHandler(this.SigDev_OnDeviceButton);
private void SigDev_OnDeviceButton(object sender, AxStepOverSignatureDevice1.IStepOverSignatureDeviceEvents_OnDeviceButtonEvent e)
//  Disable Zoom Buttons (just for Test)
axSignAPIv4.SetLCDButtonOptions(200, 5, 0, 0, 0);
axSignAPIv4.SetLCDButtonOptions(201, 5, 0, 0, 0);

bool error = axSignAPIv4.ViewDocOnDevice(1, false);







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