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function ViewDocOnDevice(startPage : integer; showSignButton : boolean) : LongBool; stdcall;


HRESULT _stdcall ViewDocOnDevice([in] long startPage, [in] VARIANT_BOOL showSignButton, [out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL* result);



Use this function to show the document page on the connected signature device. This function is only supported by devices with colour display and it's not working with Black&White devices.

The function ViewDocOnDeviceDefaultZoom is an extended version of ViewDocOnDevice.


Be sure to call LoadDoc before calling this function! You also need to link the DeviceAPI to the SignAPI (see InitDeviceDLL / SignatureDevice ) and forward the ButtonEvents from DeviceAPI to SignAPI (OnDeviceLCDButtonHandler).



startPageThe number of the page, which should be shown first

Use this option to enable the Sign Now button on the signature device while using the DocumentViewing mode. This button can be used to start the signing mode directly from the device and is currently only available on Colour and Brilliance sign pads.


Return value

Returns False if the document viewing mode could not be started, otherwise the return value is True

C# sample

// Show Document on the Device (Colour, Comfort and Flawless)

int page = 1;
bool signButton = true; 	// works only for ColourPad
bool status= SignAPIv4.ViewDocOnDevice(page, signButton);




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