Depending on the type of use / integration of the signature server, various functions of our APPS iSignatureOffice and aSignatureOffice for iOS and Android are available:






In case of using smartphones or tablets as standalone devices, it's suitable to use iSignatureOffice/aSignatureOffice function (Login with credentials).

It provides a full view of all documents before signing.

The assignment of the documents is user-related (registered user necessary), a document-related assignment is possible for projects.








            SCAN QR-CODE


            If a monitor of a desktop workstation or a laptop is used to view the documents and a small mobile device (smartphone) is used for signing only (= signature pad replacement),

            the capture function of the apps iSignatureOffice/ aSignatureOffice can be used (no login with user credentials necessary).







The various apps are also available in projects as corresponding Libraries for integration into your own apps.

Further technical information on the capture function (if our service is integrated) can be found at Capture function (QR code scan).

You can find more information about our apps at following page:


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