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The SOSignAnalyzer is a Tool which can render the biometric data from the Signature pad in 2D and 3D. There for you can load
Therefore the Biometric Data can be loaded from the PDF document or as data file. The tool is for a graphologist that he can use it used to make the biometrical data visible for hima graphologist.
The tool itself will not compare 2 signatures with each other and give you a value back how equal the signatures are. That will stay the job of the graphologist!This have to be done by a graphologist.

Info about biometrical Data


The biodata string is saved by our Software in the following format by our Software:


x and y are the coordinates of a cartesian coordinate system having its origin in the upper left corner.

z is the pressure data (0-1271024).

t=timecode, Time passed since first frame in miliseconds.

F=FrameNumber is the value from a counter in the pad and gets incremented which is  incremented with every frame.

L=LineNumber is a counter which stays the same as long as the pen is on the pad and is incremented whenever a new line is started. At the end of the whole biodata string you will find the following:

...t3936p85p85-0-196-62-25g23:2:43 2.2.2

The chars after p represents the process ID. The process ID is not the same as the pad ID, but bounded to it so that no other StepOver pad may generate the same process ID. The process ID is unique and changes with each signature. You can, for example, use it as identification for a document in your workflow. The process ID is only available at the +Pad an LE Pad. The numbers after the letter g represents the GMT timestamp of the internal clock of the + Pad (Format: (H)H:(M)M:(S)S (d)d.(m)m.(y)y ). If you use a pad who is not cabable of the features process ID and or timestamp you will get zeros after p an g.


You need to download the SOSignAnalyzer and extract it on to your hard drive,  thats all what Now you need you can now start the SOSignAnalyser.exe.