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You need to select the PDF and the private key (skf file). You might get a license popup after loading of the PDF, just click in that case on just click on Demoversion.


After you loaded the private key you should get a message that it was loaded, thats that means the key is correct and the tool was able to decrypt the biometric data.
Now you can select which of the Signaturs you want to load. The signature data will be added automaticlly to a repository.


After you added all the signatures to the repository you can take a look on them as in 2D. The tool will use the biometric data string and will render it for a human radable. To access the 2D Version you need to click on Windows/2D sign viewer.

You On top right you will see on the top right all the signatures of your repository, select one and you will see the signature image and als the as a graph in at the bottom. Depends of Depending on your display size the signature image is maybe may be to small, by clicking with left or right mousebutton + moving of the mouse you can change the size of the image size.

In At the bottom right you can find the different chart options for the signature, thats the which are pressure, acceleration and velocity.

In At the bottom left you find the animation-controls to redraw the signature.


It´s also possible to show you the signature in 3D, you can find this under option in "Windows/3D sign viewer". In
At the top right you have again all the signatures of you repository , you need to select on of themlike in the 2D View, select one and it will be shown in the 3D view.

Below that your signature selection windows you have some options to change the background and again the chart options for pressure, acceleration and velocity.


The Colour of the signature presents the values, in the image above it the pressure. Like you see in
At the bottom right is the scalascale, it starts with blue means which is very low (zero) and this goes up to red which means symbolizes high pressure values.