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rework the login reworked

optimize the iPhone-App optimized

update the appApp-icon updated on the iPhone

tapFixed a bug where the tab-order on the iPhone is now like was not the same as on the iPad

Synchronization works correctly after offline mode the synchronization is working correctly

formfields works across pages

rework beeing offline now

Moving between formfields on different pages is now working

"Print/Email" on landscapemode landscape mode reworked

rework "Choose file for upload" on landscapemode reworked

checkboxes Checkboxes and radiobutton are included in can now be accessed by using the "next" button

rework the "New signature field" button reworked

despite a long signature line the app works smoothly

apple pencil is now compatible with the ISO-appFixed a bug where you the app could crash if you put in too much signature data into the signature field

Apple Pen is now supported