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tsaServer url of the time server used for the timestamp during signing
security_properties_prefixstepover.the prefix added for the keys in the vm security properties
security_properties_urlhttp://host/security.propertiesthe url of a properties file to be used instead of the Java The value of a system property can be used by surrounding the name of the system property with brackets: e.g. {security_properties_dir}
emailFromsystem@webSignatureOffice.comthe from mail header added to emails sent by the system
emailSmtphostname.domainthe smtp server used to sent mails
emailSmtpUsersmtpuserthe login for the smtp server
emailSmtpPasswordpasswordthe smtp server password
emailTlsfalsetrue or false, enable or disable TLS (encryption)
emailRetries5how many times the mailer retries to sent an email
emailPort25the smtp port
support_emailsupport@websignatureoffice.comthe email address
userBrandingSupportMaildethe branding used for the support mails (en or de)
smsSenderstepoverthe name displayed as sms sender
smsUserId4327634the sms account user id
smsPasswordsmspasswordthe sms account password
mail_useroekopostuserthe user for the oekopost account (mail verification)
mail_passwordoekopostpasswordthe password for the oekopost account (mail verification)
verificationUrlhttps://host/frigg/Verification.htmlthe url for the verification page
emailSubjectVerificationStepover Websign account verificationthe mail subject for the account verification
passwordResetUrlhttps://host/frigg/PasswordReset.htmlthe url for the password reset page
signatureRequestUrlhttps://host/frigg/login/#signature_requestthe url for signature requests
invitationUrlhttps://host/frigg/Registration.htmlthe url for user registration
acceptContactUrlhttps://host/frigg/login/#/contactsthe url for accepting contacts
changeConfirmationUrlhttps://host/frigg/ChangeConfirmation.htmlthe url for the password change confirmation
profileUrlhttps://host/frigg/App.html#profile/the url for the profile page
cookie_nameSOSESSIONIDthe cookie name for the session cookie
cookie_path/the cookie path
memcached_server192.168.5.57the ip or hostname of the memcached server if memcahe is used
memcached_port11211the memcached port
memcached_sessionstruetrue or false, the switch if memcached should be used for session managemeant
database_typemysqlmysql or oracle, the database type
database_host192.168.5.57the database host (IP or hostname)
database_userdbuserthe database user
database_passwordkjssdduiwe832//6?!the database password
database_namefriggthe database schema name
database_jndijava:comp/env/jdbc/FriggDbthe jndi database source
session_timeout6000session timout in milleseconds
session_sync60session sync interval in seconds (memcached)
request_lifetime7200the request lifetime in seconds.
process_pool_timeout120000timeout for a process from the process pool in milliseconds
axis_server_ip192.168.5.56the IP or hostname of the braga server
axis_server_port8080the braga server port
axis_request_timeout240000the braga request timeout in milliseconds
axis_server_protocolhttpshttps or https, the protocol used for the braga server
file_upload_max_file_size20480the maximum upload size in bytes
file_upload_extensionpdfthe allowed file extension
file_upload_urlhttps://host/fileUpload/fileUploadthe url for the file upload
max_message_size20480the max tyrservice message size
pdf_render_max_render_threads4the max number of render threads
pdf_render_thresold_pages2the threshold of page numbers under which no threading is used
intermediate_certificate_filename/frigg/data/cert.pemthe full path to the intermediate certificate for user certificate creation
intermediate_certificate_private_key_filename/frigg/data/cert_private.pemthe full path to the internmediate certificate private key
intermediate_certificate_passwordsduiSUm7$%&hJthe intermediate certificate password
openssl_run_directoryc:/tempthe path to a folder in which openssl can run
enduser_certificate_key_length2048the length of the create user certificates
enduser_certificate_duration36the lifetime of user certificates in months
adhoc_signature_private_key_filenamed:\certificate_private.pemthe full path to the adhoc signature private key
adhoc_signature_certificate_filenamed:\certificate.pemthe full path to the adhoc signature certificate
adhoc_signature_certificate_passworddshZu7$5jdi1the adhoc certificate password


d:\frigg\data\app_signature_certificate.pfxthe certificate private key path for the app signature with token authentication
app_signature_certificate_filenamed:\frigg\data\app_signature_public.derthe certificate path for the app signature with token authentication
app_signature_certificate_passworddsf433dreE&%the certificate password for the app signature with token authentication
adhoc_length7the length of the adhoc code
adhoc_lifetime_minutes15defines the validity period of the adhoc code or a generated QR Code, default is 5 minutes
guest_certificate_passwordkkwJk34$ldP%the guest certificate password (for non-registered webSignatureOffice user certificates)
accept_terms_settingstruetrue or false, if terms and conditions have to be accepted before signing as a guest
gwt_rpc_app_base_urlhttps:// gwt rps base url used by the tyrservice (always has to be, port can vary)
gwt_rpc_appappgwt_rpc_app_base_url + gwt_rpc_app is used as the App GWT RPC Url by the tyrservice
tyrservice_publicfalsetrue or false, wether the public tyrservice services should be available, public services only use the adhoc code for authentication
tyrservice_debuggingtruetrue or false, enables an extended logging for tyrservice classes (if no value is set the default is false)
atmosphere_servlethttps:// url for the atmosphere servlet used by the adhoc functionality
rabbitmq_server192.168.4.55the IP or hostname of the rabbittmq server used by the adhoc functionality
cash_account_namestepover_cash_accountthe name of the cash account, matches db name column in accounting_account table
sales_tax_19_account_namestepover_sales_tax_19%the name of 19% tax account, matches db name column in accounting_account table
asset_type_nameEURthe asset type used by accounting, EUR or USD
sales_tax19the sales tax amount in percent;someoneelse@host.coma list of recipients who receive a copy of all invoices created by the system
credit_eur_value0.85the vlaue of one credit in EUR
credit_usd_value0.95the value of one credit in USD
credit_free3how many free credits are given initially
credit_free_monthly3the amount of free credits per month
credit_signature_request1how many credits one signature request costs ('0' for no credit charge)
credit_mail_identification10how many credits a mail identification costs

dshkskdhNSSKhjadsbndskKJHKHSAK \

the public key base64 encoded that is assigned new registered users. This key is used by the web signature office apps.
notary_public_key_hashdskhdksjhds89s8djdshkjhsd7987987dsdssda md5 hash of the public key
notaryInfo\n======================( NotaryInfo )====================== \n \nSomebody the notary info added to a biometric signature
braga_children_per_cpu10how many processes should be started per cpu core
braga_render_dpi150the dpi with which pages are rendered
braga_namebraga1the braga server name used by the braga monitor
braga_monitor_threshold_percent75the threshhold in percent of available processes under which the monitoring status goes to red, default is 75
braga_monitor_missed_intervals10the number of missed monitoring intervals (the count of idle and busy processes). If this amount of intervals is exceeded without a status update the monitoring status goes RED
braga_monitor_interval_seconds30the number of seconds in between the monitoring runs;someoneelse@host.coma list of recipients who are informed when accounts are charged with help of the admin functions or when user bought credits
activate_hash_dialogtruetrue or false, activates the hash dialog during signing with StepOver Pads
signaturefield_color_bluetruetrue or false, sets the background of the selected signature fields transparent blue. Otherwise it's white.
deactivate_reject_buttontruetrue or false, deactivates the reject button during signing
deactivate_document_downloadtruetrue or false, deactivates the download button on the viewer
deactivate_final_status_popuptruetrue or false, deactivates the final status popup shown after all fields have been signed
deactivate_optional_fields_popuptruetrue or false, deactivates the appearance of the popup after skipping the last optional field of a signature request which asks for ignoring the field (sign later) or finishing the request (only if there are no mandatory fields!)
org_quartz_propertiesquartz.propertiesthe name of the qaurtz scheduler configuration file in the classpath
storage_homeX:/data/the full path for storage of documents and certificates (BRAGA)
rsa_encryptor_urlhttps://host:8444/RsaEncryptor/encodethe url of the RSA encryptor used by the html signer, if no value is set is used.


#f5eeb3 or rgba(211/211/211/1)

defines the background-color of the context view (colored bar in signature field). NOTE: "," characters have to be replaced with "/"


falsetrue or false, allows other signers to edit formfields


falsetrue or false, usage for licence model


 Response of the RabbitMQ server, which transfers the signatures via StepOver Capture App
html_signer_signature_field_width10defines the signature field width for signing with html-signer in cm, default is 14cm.
braga_create_copytruecreates a copy of the PDF without biodata.
context_sign_modetruetrue or false, shows an overview of the context via signing with HTML-signer
show_toc1handles the table of contents display in the document viewer (in apps and browser)
0 = deactivated, 1 = activated
show_pages_preview1handles the page preview display in the document viewer (in apps and browser)
0 = deactivated, 1 = activated


truedeactivates the "remember sign type" checkbox of the signature type selection popup


falseactivates/deactivates the "SIGNATURE PAD" option of the signature type selection popup (default = true)


falseactivates/deactivates the "SMARTPHONE/TABLET" option of the signature type selection popup (default = true)


falseactivates/deactivates the "ON THIS DISPLAY" option of the signature type selection popup (default = true)
show_selection_linkfalseactivates/deactivates the "SHOW LINK" option of the signature type selection popup (default = false)
process_encrypted_urlsfalseIf the value is "true", the adhoc URL (option "SHOW LINK") is displayed encrypted
tracking-headerx-idheaderthe name of the http header used for the additional tracking id logging. Default is x-tracking


AllPagesthe strategy used to render the pdf pages, possible values are OnlyPagesWithSignatures, AllPages, FirstTwoAndPagesWithSignatures. Default is FirstTwoAndPagesWithSignatures
axis2_retries5the retry count for failed braga calls, default is 3


truetrue or false, activates an extra password prompt in the iSignatureOffice / aSignatureOffice app (authentication with fingerprint or face ID)
password_intervalALWAYSIf extra_password_prompt is activated, you can use password_interval to specify how often the query should appear. Possible values: ALWAYS, DAILY
rest_api_allowed_hostslocalhost,, allowed hosts for the communication with the REST API (Cross-Origin-Requests)