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The FRIGG server is created with the Google Web Toolkit. It provides the web frontend and the includes the Java backend and the React/Javascript frontend (communication via REST interface). It also provides a web service (Tyrservice) for external connections. FRIGG communicates via SOAP with the BRAGA server for document specific actions (sign, render, etc..). FRIGG

FRIGG and BRAGA can both be deployed as war-archive with every servlet spec 2.5 compatible container container (e.g. Apache Catalina) or run as a Docker container.

The save storage location (file storage) of the documents and certificates is located on the BRAGA server and will be defined is specified in the config.ini.  OpenSSL is needed All common Network File Systems (NFS) are supported, such as the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).

OpenSSL is required for the creation of the used certificates. Additionally In addition, Bouncy Castle libraries Libraries are used internally.

Initially, a database user needs to must be created which creates the database sheme with the provided DDL script. 
The connection properties are set in config.ini, you can use a datasourceand then the schema must be created with the supplied scripts. The connection data is specified in the config.ini (in frigg and braga modules), a data source can be used (database_jndi) or a host, user, password and schemeschema.


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 Currently webSignatureOffice supports mySQL / mariaDB and Oracle databases.

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