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Function NameInformation
LoadDocFunction to load a PDF document into the SignAPI.
SetTempPathFunction to set the temp folder. By default the location is the user temp folder (%temp%)
GetPageNumFunction, which returns the total number of pages in the loaded document.
GetSigNumFunction, which returns the number of signatures, which are already in the loaded document.
GetPdfFormFieldsXmlFunction to read formular values from the document.
SetPdfFormFieldValueFunction to set formular values in the document.
ViewDocOnDeviceFunction to display the document on the device
ViewDocOnDeviceDefaultZoomFunction to display the document on the device, including the option to set zoom level
GetPageFunction which returns you a rendered pdf page of the loaded document

If you have a signature pad with colour display, you can use the DocumentViewing mode to show the document on the signature device. There are 2 functions to use the DocumentViewing mode (ViewDocOnDevice and ViewDocOnDeviceDefaultZoom) and the only difference between them, is just the option to set a starting page. The DocumentViewing mode also supports a button to start the SigningMode, which allows the user to trigger the signing procedure directly from the signature pad (Event OnLCDSignButton).