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Parameter Function


Overwrites a previously installed program so that the old one does not have to be uninstalled.


This parameter allows you to select the language in which the program is to be installed. The following options are available:

D, GB, ES, IT, PL, NL, F (for German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch and French).


Setup runs without user interaction (no questions are asked during installation), showing progress windows unless -silent is passed


No windows will be displayed during setup.


Specifies root installation folder. Default path value is "C:\Program Files\StepOver\eSignatureOffice X.X" or under 64Bit "C:\Program Files (x86)\StepOver\eSignatureOffice X.X"
-customer=Instructs installer to created a Customer Version (for using multiple Version on one system).

Install eSignatureOffice as local, TCP or Citrix Version, the following options are available:

local, citrix, tcp


Set path to where the Program.ini should be saved (for multi user Settings)

Examples:    -IniDir="C:\temp\eSignatureOffice 4\Settings"


Enables logging for the following components:  SOSigOffice.exe, SOWebSign.ocx, SOSecureSign.ocx, SOPAD.DLL, StepOverSignatureDevice1.ocx

(Logs will be saved to c:\temp\logs)

-noConverterUpdateBy default the new Installation of eSignatureOffice is set to start with a already installed PDF Converter, this parameter will prevent this and PDF Converter settings are not changed.
-confirmMessageA message at the end of the installation is shown that the installation was successfull. Works not in combination with -silent Parameter.
-desktopIconSetup creates a Desktop Icon for eSignatureOffice
-installSORootCAEnables the Installation of the StepOver ROOT CA, for checking the signature
-noOpenWithSetup will not add an Open with Entry for PDF documents in the contextmenü. By default the Setup add the Entry.
-noConverterSettingsSetup will not set it self for the PDF Converter, by default the Setup sets it self as application which will be started from the PDF Converter
-noMineTypeSetup will not register the eSO:// MineType


eSignatureOffice5xxxxx.exe -overwrite -lang=D -unattended -silent