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YesFilename of the document to signc:\Users\max\Desktop\Testfile.pdf
2.YesX1 coordinate200
3.YesY1 coordinate200
4.YesX2 coordintate400
5.YesY2 coordinate400
6.YesNumber of the page where the signature shold be added
Default: 1  
you can give the direct page number or use '-' prefix to start from the end of the document
-1 last page; -2 the page before the last page; etc. 
7.Optional1 = Add a stamp with name, reason and the actual date below the signature
Default = 0  
8.OptionalReason for signing"I agree with the content of the documet"
9.OptionalName of the signer

"Max Power"

10.OptionalSave File with attribtue write protecteddefault = true
Other Parameters like TextOut, noconfirm, viewpdf...have to placed after the required parameter

The Parameters 2-5 (X1, Y1, X2, Y2) indicate the left upper and the lower right coordinates of a rectangle on the given page. The visible signature will be added into the coordinates of the rectangle



Filename where the image shold be saved
(File extensioncould be *.bmp *.jpg or *.jpeg) 

2.X = width of the image150
3.Y = height of the image100
Other Parameters like TextOut, AutoSaveSig...have to placed after the Y Parameter

A  sample could look like this: