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-unattendedRuns setup without asking the user any questions
-silentDon't show progress dialog during setup. Has no effect when "-unattended" parameter is also specified
-noshortcutDon't create the shortcut for the Device Configuration Utility in the Windows Start menu under Programs | StepOver

Specifies the language to be used by the driver. Possible <language> values are

  • GB = English
  • D = German
  • ES = Spanish
  • F = French
  • NL = Dutch
  • PL = Polish
-path=<setup_path>Specifies the setup destination folder

Specifies the connection type to be user after installation. Possible <typ> values are:

  • local
  • tcp
  • citrix

Interop Files for Device and SignAPI OCX Interface will be copied into the installationfolders of both APIs. The Interop files are created with VS with for the OCX files inside the Setup.

(AxInterop.StepOverSignatureAPI4.dll, AxInterop.StepOverSignatureDevice1.dll, Interop.StepOverSignatureAPI4.dll, Interop.StepOverSignatureDevice1.dll)

-noBonjour Setup will not install the Apple Bonjour Server which is required for signing on Andriod/iOS Devices
Code Block
SignAPI4.exe -unattended -silent -lang=D -path="C:\StepOver"