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Short manual for the StepOver ImageLoader - Use your signature pad as a way of advertising

  • You can download the StepOver ImageLoader from our webpage:
  • Unzip the downloaded files to a folder of your choice.
  • You can find the Application "imageloader.exe" in the folder Imageloader.
  • Start StepOver ImageLoader by double clicking the Imageloader.exe – The following window will appear:

  1. Here you can choose if you want to edit the promo-images (left) or the standard signing background (right).

    Instruction for option left – promo images:
  2. You can upload, save, or delete every image separately by using the buttons next to each image.
  3. You can download the images actually stored on the signature pad to your computer with that button. Learn more about Image specifications.
    During the downloading process a hourglass is shown on the display of the signature pad this can take up to 1-2 minutes.
    Afterwards you can save the images by using the buttons mentioned before (2).
  4. After you finished editing the images you can upload the images to your signature pad by using that button. During upload, which can take up to 2 minutes, you will see a hourglass on your pad display. Afterwards the pad will restart.

    Instruction for option right – standard signing background:
    If you don't show the document on screen while signing you can also replace the "Standard-Background", which will be shown on the signature pad while signing, with your own individual image. This standard background can be split in two parts (the part above the the  signature field and the signature field itself) - please keep the size of your images in mind for the two parts. Learn more about Image specifications.

Shortfacts about StepOver ImageLoader:

When in idle mode, StepOver signature pads with colour screen allow you to display various images and play them as a slideshow with specific time periods between each slide. In this way, you can use your StepOver signature pad to display your company's logo or create a specific presentation to inform your clients about a special offer.

The StepOver ImageLoader supports the upload, download and deletion of slide show images via a USB connection on StepOver signature pads:

duraSign Pad Brilliance | duraSign Pad 10.0 | naturaSign Pad Colour





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