SimpleSigner - Setup Parameter

Parameter Function


This parameter allows you to select the language in which the program is to be installed. The following options are available:

D, GB, ES, IT, PL, NL, F (for German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch and French).


Setup runs without user interaction (no questions are asked during installation), showing progress windows unless -silent is passed


Requires Parameter ,,-unattended'' in Order not to display any windows during setup.


Specifies root installation folder. Default path value is "C:\Program Files\StepOver\SimpleSignerX" or under 64Bit "C:\Program Files (x86)\StepOver\SimpleSignerX"

Install SimpleSigner as local, TCP or Citrix Version, the following options are available:

local, citrix, tcp


SimpleSigner6_XXXXXX.exe -overwrite -lang=D -unattended -silent
SimpleSigner6_xxxxx.exe -lang=GB -unattended -silent -connection=citrix


 You can automatically Deinstall the StepOver Software by using the Deinstallation Files.

Run %WindowsFolder%\StepOver\%ProductName%\uninstall.exe
with parameters
"/U:%AppFolder%\SimpleSigner6\Uninstall\uninstall.xml\" -unattended
"C:\Windows\StepOver\SimpleSigner6\uninstall.exe" "/U:C:\Program Files (x86)\StepOver\SimpleSigner6\Uninstall\uninstall_SimpleSigner.xml" -unattended




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