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Using StepOver SimpleSigner to sign a PDF/A File

Filename of the document to signc:\Users\max\Desktop\Testfile.pdf
X1 coordinate200
Y1 coordinate200
X2 coordintate400
Y2 coordinate400
Number of the page where the signature shold be added
Default: 1  
you can give the direct page number or use '-' prefix to start from the end of the document
-1 last page; -2 the page before the last page; etc. 
1 = Add a stamp with name, reason and the actual date below the signature
Default = 0  
Reason for signing"I agree with the content of the documet"
Name of the signer

"Max Power"

Save File with attribtue write protecteddefault = true

The Parameters 2-5 (X1, Y1, X2, Y2) indicate the left upper and the lower right coordinates of a rectangle on the given page. The visible signature will be added into the coordinates of the rectangle

The parameters can be handed to SimpleSigner from a customer applicatione.g. a batch-file. it is highly recommended that you set every parameter into quotation marks because spaces in a parameter (e.g. filename) will be interpreted as a new parameter.

A  sample could look like this:

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\users\max\testfile.pdf" 200 200 400 400 -1 1 "I agree with the content of the document" "Max Power" true


Using StepOver SimpleSigner to save an image of the signature as .bmp or .jpg


Filename where the image shold be saved
(File extensioncould be *.bmp *.jpg or *.jpeg) 

X1 = width of the image150
Y1 = height of the image100

A  sample could look like this:

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\users\max\My Signature.jpeg" 200 100

Additional parameter

the following parameter have to ba at the end at the starting parameter described above

TextOut-This parameter shows a line of text on the screen of the signature device.

The output text has to be entered directly after the TextOut- Parameter, e.g.:

Be careful with spaces:
If you are going to use spaces you will have to place the parameters in quotation marks.
"TextOut-Written text"

Texts with a number of lines:
You can enter a number of consecutive TextOut- parameters. The first parameter appears on the first line, the second on the second line, etc:
"TextOut-this text will appear first," "TextOut-this other one will follow "

If you only handle the TextOut parameter (followed by a space) a space will appear on the pad screen.
"TextOut-1. line," TextOut- "TextOut-3. line."

In combination with the parameters for creating a JPEG from a signature, the startup parameters could be as follows:
SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100" "TextOut-Please sign now"

If SimpleSigner is started to make a signature:

This parameter indicates the number of seconds after which signing will automatically close. Should the signing not have started after the time indicated, the program will close itself.
When signing has been started, the clock will cancel itself and the program will act as it would do without this parameter.

The number of seconds has to be entered after the parameter, for example:
In this case 15 seconds would be counted.

In combination with the parameters for creating a JPEG from a signature, the startup parameters could be as follows:
SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test it.jpg" 250 100 TimeOut-20

If SimpleSigner is started to seal a document:

The parameter indicates how long the notification window with Sealing succeeded or Sealing failed message should be shown. If TimeOut-0 is specified, notification window is not shown. Nevertheless, exit code and CancelLog is set correctly.

Default value is 5 seconds. 


This parameter saves the signature automatically two seconds after signing is completed.

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "AutoSaveSig-"

To give the user more than two seconds, the number which appears after the AutoSaveSig- parameter can be changed.
SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "AutoSaveSig-5"
In this last example, the signature will be saved 5 seconds after the signing process on the pad ends.

Note: This Parameter is not working with TCP Client (Serversonet), because TCP Client has an own Parameter for this function. You can find more Informations about this Functions in the Manual of TCP Client.


If SimpleSigner is started to make a signature:

If cancelled this creates a file in the meta directory with the text "Signature cancelled".

If SimpleSigner is started to seal a document:

String "Sealed=true" or "Sealed=false" is written to the log file.
The name of the file is entered after the CancelLog parameter. If a file name is not given, the file will be given the default name "CancelLog.ret".

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "AutoSaveSig-5" "CancelLog-Cancel.txt"

StretchZooms signature image to occupy the whole signature field.

Specifies font size for signature device's LCD. Possible values are 8x8 (default), 12x16 and 16x16

- s or small (equal to 8x8);
- m or medium (equal to 12x16);
- l or large (equal to 16x16);

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "TextOut-Please sign now" "fontsize-16x16"


SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "TextOut-Please sign now" "fontsize-l"

Res-This parameter allows you to override the signature image size and use a different value than size of signature window.
By default the signature image (bmp or jpeg) is created with the same size (X1 by Y1).
The res- parameter allows to create images of arbitrary size.

SimpleSigner.exe "signature.bmp" 200 150 res-1024x768

Hides document hash confirmation dialog


View document on device before signing, actual signing started after click on green sign button on device's LCD.
This Button is only available on the naturaSign Pad Colour 

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Mustermann.pdf" 200 200 400 350 1 0 False viewpdf


This signature mode shows the document background during the signature on the device

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Mustermann.pdf" 200 200 400 350 1 0 False signondoc


To change the background iImage for the default signmode. The format must be BMP and the Size 640x310.

SimpleSigner.exe "C:\Test\Test.jpg" 250 100 "foreground-C:\Test\Image.bmp"


Calculation of the PDF coordinates

The top/left has the value 0/0 and for the calculation you can yuse the following formula:

A4= 8.27 x 11.69 inch with 72points/inch = 595x842 points

1 point = 0.03527777778 centimeters

1point = 0.01388888889 inch

Example: 5cm are 142 points (5cm / 0.03527777778 = 141,7323) 



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