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Sign up free



The registration is for free and finished in a few steps. The language selection is available in German, English and Spanish.

Enter your data and agree the terms and conditions. After clicking on "Register" you get forwarded to following verification page:



After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email with link to confirm your email address. You can either click on the link or enter the shown code by yourself.

Enter your Login and password and confrim with "Submit Code". Now you are successfully verified.



Click "here" to arrive User login.




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Start page



After Login you allways get forwarded to the start page.

Here are all information at a glance about your waiting and finally signed documents.

It's possible to upload a pdf-document and you also have a overview of useful apps in combination with wegSignatureOffice.



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menu bar



Following icons are shown (from left to right):

  • Profile data
  • Start page
  • Desktop
  • Contacts
  • History
  • Credits
  • Help
  • Logout
  • Language selection



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Profile data



In Profile data you have the possibility to add/change your data, upload a profile picture, or change your password.

You can sync documents with the app on your mobile device¹, select your signature capture and see your own identification level (Upgrades) which can be upgraded at this point.

Click on the question mark to get information about the identification level. You also see the terms of use.


Selection of signature capture:



  • Show selection window
    -> You have the choice how to sign before every signing process.
  • Always sign with pad
    -> You always sign with signature pad
  • Always sign with smartphone/tablet
    -> A QR code gets created, which has to be scanned with the Signer app² to sign on the display of your smartphone/tablet.
  • Always sign on display
    -> You sign with a html-signer on the screen.


¹ iSignatureSuite for Apple iOS/ aSignatureSuite for Android.

² iStepOverSigner for Apple iOS/ aStepOverSigner for Android.



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The Desktop is the center of viewing and editing documents.

It's segmented in following parts:

  • Document Explorer
  • File Upload
  • Key
  • Document Preview


Document Explorer:

Here you are able to open or delete selected documents, download completely signed documents and stop signature requests.

It's also possible to restart failed documents with "Restart signature request".

Only the document owner is able to stop or restart a signature request.


You are also able to create folders which can contain any number of documents and another folders.

You have the option to sync the selected document with the app on your mobile device (iSignatureSuite/ aSignatureSuite) by clicking the checkbox "Sync".


File Upload:

PDF-documents can be uploaded by Click on or drag&drop.



The Key shows the available document types.


Document Preview:

The Document Preview shows a single-sided view with detailed information like document name and page number etc.



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Here you have a detailed overview about your contacts (other webSignatureOffice user).

You are able to add new contacts, delete contacts and create groups.

With a click on "Add contacts" you have the option to add new contacts with email adress or user name.

You also have a overview about verified contacts and sent and received requetsts.



A new contact request will be shown textual on start page and on top with an exclamation mark in the icon.

With a click on the link under "Information at a glance" you get forwarded to contacts.




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In History you have a detailed overview about:

  • Signature Requests
    -> All signature requests including signer are shown here.

  • Original uploaded documents
    -> All uploaded documents are shown here.

  • Document Renames
    -> All document renamings are shown here.

  • Accounting Journal
    -> All the credit control is shown here.

  • Session History
    -> All logins/ logoffs are shown here.



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You can buy credits via PayPal. You need credits to work on webSignatureOffice.

Creating a signature request (upload a document and set a signature field) costs one credit.

With less than 3 credits you receive up to 3 free credits per month.


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Create a signature request


You can create a signature request either out of an original document ( 1 ) or by uploading a new PDF-document.

It's possible to upload in the User Interface ( 2 ) or with our virtual printer PrintToWeb.



After clicking "Set Signature" you can drag a signature field as big as you need.



After creating the signature field you have following options:

  • Set signer
    -> Here you have to choose the signer.
    Click on the three points to see following page:



You can choose yourself, existing contacts, or new contacts by email adress.

You can also invite new contacts (by email) to register themselves on webSignatureOffice (registration required), or add them as Guest signer (no registration required).

Optional with name and authorisation password.


  • Mandatory
    -> A mandatory signature field has to be written mandatory. If you reject it the document gets failed.
    If you don't set the check mark it is an optional signature field which has not to be signed mandatory.


  • Type
    -> Here you can choose how to sign.


  • Click to sign (with password)
    -> hereby there is no handwritten signature needed. After entering the password it will be created a digital stamp.
  • Handwritten
    -> hereby you can sign with Signature-Pad, Tablet or Smartphone.


  • Reason
    -> Here you can enter a reason for signing.


After clicking on "Next" you will get to following page:



Here you have the option to enter an email text or add an observer. Hereby you allow inspection.

There are also two checkboxes relating to iSignatureSuite:

  • Disallow adding signature fields
  • Allow single signature

Additionally you can save this signature request as a template.


After clicking on "Finished" you get notified about the payment:



Finishing a signature request always costs one credit. After complete it with "Continue" you get back to desktop.



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Guest signer



It's possible to add a guest signer with email adress (It's not necessary to register/ no registration required).

You have the option to enter a name or an authorisation password. With a click on "Add" this contact gets saved.

After finishing the signature request the guest signer gets an email with link to retrieve and sign the document.



After clicking on the link you get forwarded to the document.



After entering the password and confirming the terms and conditions you can sign the document.



After signing the document the guest signer can download it.



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Sign a signature request


A receiving signatrue request will be shown textual on start page and on top with an exclamation mark in the icon.

With a click on the link under "Information at a glance" you get forwarded to the desktop.




A waiting signature request is shown as a red document.

With a double-click or "Open" you get forwarded into the document viewing mode.



Here you can review the document and also edit existing form fields before signing.

After a click on "Start Signing" you get asked how to sign.

The options are:

  • With my StepOver signature pad
    -> you sign with a plugged StepOver signature pad.

  • With my smartphone/tablet
    -> You sign wih StepOver Signer App

  • On this display
    -> This function is mainly planned for signing on mobile devices.
    -> You sign with a HTML-Signer directly on the display (e.g. on your smartphone/ tablet with your finger or touch pen. On PC with mouse/ mouse pad.)


If you are in signing mode but you don't want to sign yet you have the option to stop the signing process with "Stop Signing".

You return to document viewing mode,  click on "Start Signing" if you want to sign again.

Following pop up occurs after successful signature:



The document is signed successfully and can be downloaded now. It is shown as a green document in desktop.




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Sign with StepOver signature pad



At the first use of a StepOver signature pad you have to install our pad connector.

The pad connector is required for communication between signature pad and webSignatureOffice.

After selecting "With my StepOver signature pad" following message occurs:



The pad connector gets installed automatically with a click on "Download".

This has to be installed only once, after that every StepOver signature pad gets found automatically.


With a plugged signature pad the message "Found a device" occurs.

Now you can sign on your pad.



You have the option to reject signature fields with the red X. There can be optional or mandatory signature fields.

If you reject a mandatory signature field the signature request gets failed and can't get signed anymore.

An optional signature field can get rejected without finishing the signature request.

After signing you have the option to repeat your signature for a few seconds with a click on the yellow repeat-button.

If you don't click it the signature gets confirmed automatically after a few seconds.


We also offer StepOver signature pads with which you have the option to cancel, repeat and confirm directly on the pad.

Independently of the pad these buttons are always available in webSignatureOffice. 



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Sign with StepOver Signer App



The StepOver Signer App is available for Android and Apple devices.

You find the appertaining links on the start page directly after login.



If you choose "With my smartphone/tablet" as type of signature, a QR-Code gets generated.



Now you have to scan the QR-Code or type in the Document-ID in the Signer App.



After that you get forwarded into signing mode.

Now you can sign directly on your tablet or smartphone.



After signing you can either repeat your signature (yellow repeat-button), cancel the signature process with the red X, or finish signing with the green check mark.

If you cancel the signing process with the red X you get back to document viewing mode. With the pen icon on top right you can restart signing.

If you confirm your signature with the green check mark the document gets synchronized and closed on your mobile device.



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Sign with HTML-Signer



The HTML-Signer is mainly planned for browser on mobile devices like tablet or smartphone. You can sign directly with a touch pen or finger.

But you can also use the HTML-Signer on your PC Browser, signing with mouse/ mouse pad.



You have the same functions as with signing with signature pad. It's possible to reject the signature with the red X or skip optional signature fields, mandatory fields can not get skipped.

After finished signature you can either repeat it (with the yellow repeat-button) or confirm it with the green check mark.



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Sign now



With "sign now" you can sign immediately after one click.

So you don't have to finish a signature request first to sign.

"Sign now" also costs one credit.


After successful signature this will be shown in a yellow bar. With a click on "Next" you finish the document after payment.




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Signature Templates



You have the option to create your own signature templates. A signature template creates automatically signature fields on each found search phrase.

With a signature template it's easier to create a signature request when you often want to set the same signature fields.

After a click on "Signature Templates" a screen gets opened to edit and define it.



At first you create a new pattern with a click on "New" and choose a name, then you complete it with "OK".

After that you have the option to use this pattern automatically after upload of a document. This is optional, you can use a signature template in a document also manually.

There are following two options:

  • use pattern automatically for new documents with following text in its name
  • use pattern automatically for new documents with following text in its content

Additionally it's possible to create an automatic signature request directly after every upload of this document, otherwise the document will be opened in editing mode with the selected pattern.


Now you have to create a new field of the pattern:



In the field you define the search phrase, the size and position of the signature field and the receiver (signer).

Additionally you have following checkmarks as option:

  • Mandatory
    -> has to be signed mandatory
  • Click to sign (with password)
    -> you sign with password and not handwritten


You can create various fields for one pattern.

The search phrase should be as detailed as possible, because on every passage in this document which contains the choosen search phrase will be set a signature field.

After entering the size and position you can view the signature field with "Find in document".

Finally you complete the signature template with "Save".



Finished pattern can be shown directly after selecting it with a click on "Find in document".

So you don't have to select a field first to see the signature fields.

The difference to "Find in document" on field-selection is that you not only see single fields, you see all signature fields of the selected pattern.




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Save as template


You have the option to create document templates with predefined signature fields and signers.

This simplifies the creation of common signature requests, because you don't have to create that signature request once more.



After uploading a document you have to set one signature field at least, then the button "Save as template" gets available.

With a click on it the template gets saved and is shown as a blue document in desktop.



A document template doesn't expire and can be edited as completed to a signature request as often as needed.

Only when you complete a template to a signature request one credit gets charged.



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Due date



Standardly a signature request expires 7 days after creating it and can't get signed after that, except you restart it.

You can change the due date to any day you want.



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Click to sign (with password)



With "Click to sign (with password)" you don't sign handwritten, but a digital stamp gets created after entering your password.



With a click on the green check mark you start the signing process.

Now you can enter your password, confirm it with "Set Signature".




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PrintToWeb is a virtual printer which can be activated from any application with a printing function, just like a normal printer.

It generates a fully searchable PDF document which gets automatically uploaded onto webSignatureOffice.

This document is shown as a grey document (original document) in Desktop.


Upload via PrintToWeb:

After you select PrintToWeb and start printing you have to enter your login data.



You have the option to save your login.

Finally you have to click on "Upload File".



Now the uploaded document is in desktop.





There are following options in "Settings":

  • Change user (just overwrite the username)
  • Save Username and password
  • Change upload server
  • Show confirmation message and exit after 5 seconds
  • Language selection


You can check the upload server connection with "Check connection".



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