Waning: StepOver String Certificate is obsolete. It is not compatible with modern signature devices. New users should request XML certificate.

A certificate is needed by setPadSettings and getPadSettings, but only if you use a +Pad or LEPad, otherwise you can handle an empty string to the procedure.

Why a certificate?

The +Pads and LE-Pads transmitt their data in an encrypted way to the driver. The unique Pad ID is used to encrypt and decrypt the data. It would be very sensless to transmitt the biometrical data in an encrypted way to the driver if anyone can acces the data there in a decrypted way. Therefore you need to identify your application anytime you read or set the pad ID which is used for decryption.

Where can I get a certificate?

You can get a certificate from StepOver GmbH.
Mailto: or call 0700-StepOver.
Outside Germany call: +49 711 120269-30.
Fax: +49 711 120269-31.

How much does a certificate cost?

It's for free. We do this to secure our pad solution for you and your customer.

What does StepOver need to give me a certificate?

We need the name and address of your company and the name of your application. You don't have to show us sourcecode or technical details.

How does the certificate work?

Anytime the user have to transmitt the hardware ID to your application (getPadSettings) a dialog window will be shown that tells the user the name of your application (that is contained in the certificat) to ensure that the user knows to which application he is transmitting its Pad ID. If you use getPadSettings or setPadSettings with a +Pad or LE Pad but without a certificate the user will get a warning window which tells him that a uncertified application tries to use his pad.

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