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The red LED is the pad's default state and means, that the device has most likely started up correctly. If this happens, it's possible that the device display is damaged and has to be replaced. Please try unplugging the device and reconnecting it to the computer. If the problem persists, you will have to send the device to us for repairs. Please use the following link:

However, please be aware, that a defect device display out of the pad's warranty period is normally considered to be a total loss of the device. 


To test, if only the device monitor is damaged, you could also download the following file, extract it and start the sodc.exe (StepOver Device Check) from the extracted folder.

This little tool is used to test any connected StepOver pads independant from other software. 

  • Select the device which you want to test with the "Pad auswählen" (= "Select pad") button
  • When you click the "Test starten" (= "Start testing") button now, you can sign on the selected pad and you should also be able to see the direct image of your signature in SODC.

If only the device display is damaged and the other hardware is working, you should find the pad in the pad search, but then you will see nothing on the device monitor. SODC should also show your signature image as long as the signature sensor is still working, 


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