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This can happen due to various reasons:

  1. The device does not get enough power. Please check if the cable is connected correctly to the pad as well as to the computer. Please also use only the standard cables sent by us or at least high-quality alternative products with good isolation and which are as short as possible and which should be plugged into the computer directly and not make any unneccessary detours, for example over a USB hub. 

  2. The USB-cable or the USB-port are damaged. If possible, please test another cable and also another USB-port on your computer. When using a PC, connect the pad to one of the backside ports, if possible. 

  3. The device is not detected and installed correctly in Windows. Please disconnect and reconnect the device.

  4. Windows is either in Standby or Sleep mode. Please log in to Windows to allow the pad to communicate with Windows.



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