Setup for SImpleSigner over TCP Network

In order to work with SimpleSigner over TCP network you need a client software which is called ServerSONet and Simple Signer.
ServerSONet will be started on the computer where the pad is connected to. SimpleSigner will be started with the net- parameter in order to connect to the given Client. 



Using SimpleSigner over TCP Network

net- This parameter defines TCP address and port of the remote client.

Address and port should be entered directly after the net- parameter.


ServerSONet Parameter

-n, --hostname = (hostename/IP address)specify IP address or host name
-p, --port=(service/port)specify port number or service name

-a, --auto-accept=(seconds)

delay for a specific amount of seconds for auto accept of signature after signing on the pad is completed
-g, -- no-guirun the program without a GUI
-b, --gui-aboverun the program with the GUI always on top (may not work always)
-v, --versionshows the version of ServerSONet
-h, --helpshows the help list